Photography by Regina Ray.

About me

I’m Nathan Whitbread and I run a coaching and training business, that equips individuals and teams to overcome obstacles and increase their effectiveness.

I work across commercial, public services, and not-for-profit sectors.

My own story is one of struggling with the difficulties linked to neurodivergent traits without having the opportunities to amplify my strengths.

This all changed after receiving coaching and support.

It was as if a light had been turned on and I was then able to become the leader and coach that I had always wanted to be. I was able to take the things I struggled with, like being extremely disorganised with a ‘forgetory’ brain, to someone who is organised and aware of what needs doing and by when.

This completely transformed how I work, reducing my personal stress and anxiety, allowing me to succeed in the workplace and become myself.

I am here to enable individuals, teams, and leaders to achieve more by becoming more effective at using what works for them.

The neuroinclusive workplace is better for everyone.