Photography by Regina Ray.

About me

I’m Nathan Whitbread and I’ve been coaching and training neurodivergent individuals and teams for over 10 years. I specialise in overcoming obstacles and increasing personal efficiency. I’ve worked across commercial, public services, and not-for-profit sectors.

My own story is one of struggling with the difficulties linked to neuro-divergent traits without having the opportunities to amplify its strengths.

This all changed for me after having some workplace coaching and technology training. It was as if a light had been turned on and I was then able to write the way I wanted to and effectively proof-read what I created. I was also able to move from extremely disorganised with a ‘forgetory,’ to organised and aware of what needs doing and when. This completely transformed how I work and reduced my stress and anxiety allowing me to succeed in the workplace and become myself.

I am here to help individuals, teams, and leaders achieve more by becoming more effective using strategies and tools that work.

The neuro-inclusive workplace works better for everyone.