Triage coaching – Nathan Whitbread in conversation with Claire Pendrick

So what is triage coaching?

Here is the recording of a conversation about Triage Coaching that moved my thinking forward – along with some of the highlights below.

These are some of the things I took away

Quite often when we know something is wrong we don’t always know what we need to fix it. Triage coaching is a single session that allows the thinker to navigate what they need to answer their questions. Spoiler alert — coaching isn’t always the answer.

Triage coaching is a place:

  • where you can talk about your workplace in a confidential space.
  • where you can work out what you want to do.
  • that leaves you in control.
  • that gives you agency in terms of what you do and don’t disclose.
  • that allows you to get to the issue before you work out the best way to deal with it.
  • that allows the issue to be dealt with without any detail needing to be shared.
  • to move things forward.
  • place that keeps the power in the middle, and
  • that is safe place that organisations can offer to their people.

What it can help stop happening.

  • Time and money being invested in the wrong things!
  • Confidentiality being broken (subject to safeguarding)!
  • Individuals from saying something that didn’t need to be said in the workplace!
  • Escalating levels of helpfulness creating premature disclosure!

The justification.

  • It’s incredibly cost-effective!
  • It maintains agency!
  • It enables cocreated conversations that change everything!

What to know more?

Please get in contact. It was the most amazing privilege to join Claire Pendrick MMC for a conversation on her podcast the Coaching Inn. For those of you who do not know, she is the author of Simplifying Coaching, one of the most inspiring and interesting books on the subject.