I had the pleasure of being trained by Nathan in preparation for a project working with neurodiverse young adults. The training was excellent, and really gave me multiple insights into working with neurodiverse people, as well as what I may be experiencing as a dyslexic. Nathan conveys information in such an accessible way. Making space for all questions and allowing people to explore their own beliefs whilst enhancing everyone’s understanding. I can’t recommend Nathan enough for this type of training that I think every coach should undergo.

I recently attended a training session run by Nathan on how to partner with neurodivergent coaching clients, and it was amazing. Full of helpful insights and information, interactive and immediately actionable, I learned so much and I really enjoyed myself. Nathan is highly engaging, energetic and blends expertise and lived experience effortlessly (that’s a lot of words starting with e!) I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him for coaching, training or workplace advice.

I was fortunate enough to spend a day with Nathan to understand how we can make our workplace an even more inclusive environment. It was an extremely beneficial day, with lots of ideas shared and I came away from it feeling more informed, empowered and most importantly heard. Thanks Nathan, look forward on working on building out the plan!

Individual coaching

Nathan was recommended to me by the British Dyslexia Association and my coach for a number of months. Nathan not only has the theoretical expertise of a coach but also, the lived, personal experiences of being dyslexic in the workplace. He used examples from his own experiences to demonstrate what good (and bad) workplace practice looks like and empowered me to ask for adjustments. While I was receiving pushback, Nathan supported me that this was what my employer should be doing and gave me tips on coping strategies. My main takeaway from Nathan’s coaching was that dyslexia is not my weakness; it’s my strength: It makes me curious and creative, and if my employer didn’t appreciate it, there would be plenty out there who would. So thank you, Nathan for unapologetically being you and encouraging me to be unapologetically me.

Nathan is a great listener and provides amazing support and advice for those navigating neurodiversity in the workplace.

I have been working with Nathan for just over a year as he has been helping me getting to terms with my ADHD and how this affects my life and frankly, at first I was very worried about working with a coach as I thought I would find it extremely intrusive, however; working with Nathan has been an absolute pleasure. Not only has he provided me with a lot of really great insight into my ADHD and how it affects my life, but he has also been incredibly attentive and provided me with fantastic solutions to issues I face that will benefit me greatly.

Nathan is absolutely fantastic as a coach. He has so much knowledge and mixing that with story telling and practical advice makes him a dream to work with. Our conversations have genuinely changed the game for me and I couldn’t recommend him more highly. Thank you so much Nathan!

Nathan embodies a remarkable blend of knowledge, support and is an absolute joy to have as a coach. His guidance has not only equipped me with fresh perspectives on workload management but has also been instrumental in boosting my confidence at the workplace. I wholeheartedly endorse Nathan as both a coach and an empathetic person.

Nathan is easy to talk to and share experiences with in a trusted environment. The ideas around areas of improvement help build on my confidence, I’ve already put in place a number of ideas discussed and will continue to refer back to my notes to ensure they are working. Thank you Nathan

Manager coaching

I have had the pleasure of working with Nathan to support both a member of staff who has a neurodiversity and myself to aid in my understanding and support. I have found Nathan’s approach and style to be a breath of fresh air and his support and mentorship has led to some real success. I could not recommend this person enough! His knowledge is second to none and he has truly enriched my own process in being a more understanding and accepting manager as well as teaching this old dog a few new FANTASTIC management tricks.

Nathan and I have worked together on our coaching for around a year and when I needed a coach for 2 individuals in different organisations where I work, I naturally turned to him.

In short, flexible sessions he enabled both these people to break through the internal barriers that affected their effectiveness at work. Both speak highly of how his gentle, yet clear approach helped them to gain their own insights.

Somewhat ruefully, one of them told me, “He doesn’t tell you what to do does he? He makes you do your own work!” All whilst seeing this was far more effective than what she had expected.

That’s why I engaged him, and it’s why I recommend him to you!

Workshops – Empowering Neurodiversity in the Workplace

I watched the recording because I was ill when the workshop took place. It was so engaging and informative. I’m an HR Manager, and there is always more I can learn in this sphere and you offered such a clear and informative presentation on Neurodivergence and how we can support one another with our processes and our communication – so thank you! The aspect on co-occurrence was particularly informative, and to make the link that by not supporting others properly in the way that feels right for them, that depression arises is a really important realisation and one which shows what a positive impact it can be to learn about this. Thanks so much.

Great accessible approach to training. Nathan pitched the training really well and created a safe space for everyone to feel confident in sharing and asking questions. Wish it could have been longer.

The structure and flow of the presentation was excellent. We work in a very tailored, person-centred way and this approach was reflected in the workshop. Nathan provided some helpful tips and suggestions for us.

Nathan is clearly very knowledgeable in the area of Neurodiversity and was able to give real life examples and apply situations to our individual workplace. I found the training extremely valuable and I have some tangible points to take forward to benefit colleagues in my workplace. Thank you Nathan.