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Exploded coaching, or coaching exploded?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could take the same powerful insights that we get from individual coaching and implement them in a team environment?

Now imagine that environment also supporting each individual member to become a better coach themselves.

The group deals with real problems by working together with the intention of moving forward and getting things done.

This is not just another talking shop, it is a place where real problems get focused on, learning happens and new ways of solving problems are implemented.

There will be an opportunity to think outside the box, expand on ideas and solve problems in ways that you’ve never expected.

Thinking and assumptions will be challenged with the goal of moving things forward. Each team member will have the opportunity to bring their question and come away with a plan to move ahead.

Exploded coaching is built on the belief that reflecting on our experience and experimenting with what we can do differently will bring insight and action. In many ways, it’s about having a different kind of conversation in order to change everything!

Is this totally new?

Not entirely, it’s based on the concept of Action Learning Sets, but what’s different is the way it’s implemented in your organisation by bringing the opportunity to use existing meeting spaces in new and more productive ways…

I’m currently looking for two organisations to pilot this coaching approach. If you have a team that is stuck or needs to create space to think collaboratively together, then please get in contact as I believe this could offer you an opportunity to move forward. Get in touch here.