One-to-one Coaching

Strategy Coaching is about finding solutions that overcome challenges by using what you are good at. For example, if you plan your holiday well, but struggle with getting a work process completed in the right order, we can use the feelings and techniques that work well for holidays to deliver work tasks.

Strategy Coaching can focus on managing stress levels, understanding how to modify habits in addition to identifying and focusing on longer-term goals for motivation.

Strategy Coaching is a two-way process where you will need to try new ideas that need to be practised between sessions. Though this can be challenging at times it does reap long-term rewards.

As part of the sessions, there is also the opportunity to look at career progression, presentation skills, and communication skills.

Key features

  • One-to-one with supervisor follow-up.
  • Bespoke coaching based on your objectives.
  • Delivered online or face to face.
  • Strategies that work.

For more about this service please contact me.