Technology Mentoring

Assistive technology mentoring is about helping individuals understand how technology can solve their workplace problems.

This often involves using several different tools unique to the individual. This can include screen readers, speech-to-text engines, mind mapping and organisation tools. What is important is not the power of the technology, but rather the requirements of the individual. In our experience, we have often found less is more and that there are many free tools for individuals to experiment with as they build their own processes to be as effective as possible within the workplace.

Assistive technology mentoring builds strategies that work for individuals. Additionally it improves existing strategies to become more efficient and overcome communication challenges in the workplace.

Examples of technology covered include:

  • Speech to text – Dragon NaturallySpeaking
  • Screen reading – OrCam, Read&Write
  • Mind mapping – MindView, Inspiration
  • Organisation – Evernote, To-do-ist, Trello

For more about this service please contact me.